1. How I Became a 37-Year-Old Snowbird
    After the death of a pet and the forced sale of her home, combined with a bad case of seasonal affective disorder, a writer heads south and keeps running.
  2. The Weekly Health Quiz: Weight Loss, Memory and a Cancer Cure
    Test your knowledge of this week’s health news.
  3. My Big Sister, the Wild One
    Missy possesses an openness, a willingness to dive right in and live in the moment, while I find it hard to get out of my own head.
  4. Olympic Cross-Country Skiers Eat 8,000 Calories a Day. It’s Exhausting.
    Cross-country skiers require, on average, more daily calories than any other type of athlete. But the constant need to eat can take over their lives.
  5. So, You Say You Want to Do the Splits?
    Thank you for your service, Marie Kondo. Meet Eiko. In her new book, a mega-seller in Japan, this yoga teacher says even the stiffest people can do the splits.