1. Tom Brady’s ‘The TB12 Method’ Is Hefty but Short on Science
    Should you buy this book? The answer probably depends on how you feel about science, celebrity and tomatoes.
  2. How to Be Mindful When You Are Sick
    We often compound our physical ailments with negative reactions, making us not just sick, but anxious about being sick, and maybe also resentful.
  3. A Stress Link to Lupus
    Women exposed to trauma, including serious car crashes or sexual assaults, were at increased risk of developing the autoimmune disorder lupus.
  4. I Love My Fiancé, but Am Totally Crushing on a Co-Worker
    A restaurant server in her mid-20s worries that the relationship she’s committed to has lost its sizzle, but knows that flirting is playing with fire.
  5. The Fatal Toll of Cheap Cigarettes
    The availability of cheaper, off-brand cigarettes is associated with an increase in infant mortality.