Integrative Health Difference:

  • Greater well-being
  • Integrative nutrition & medicine model
  • Diet
  • Exercise/physical fitness
  • Stress management
  • Nutritional supplements & other natural approaches.

Why Dr. Edman?

Dr. Edman is committed to educating the public, university and college students, and physicians and other healthcare practitioners about the importance and benefits of nutritional and integrative health approaches. While this is evidence or research based as much as possible, experience with natural and non-toxic approaches can be effectively applied.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Dr. Edman combines his nutritional expertise with his health coaching skills and integrative medicine experience to provide powerful and transformative programs that help people feel great and live their best lives.  These approaches are very effective for improving quality of life and helping to manage heart disease, cancer, women's health issues, stomach and intestinal symptoms, neurological and psychological conditions and many other problems.

Education and Research

Nutritional and medical research has been so narrowly focused and concentrated on pharmaceutical and allopathic medical research that it will likely undergo changes to examine more lifestyle and multifactorial influences which are more 'real world' and preventive in nature. There is also a greater understanding of biological individuality and common genetic influences which promote the importance of developing individual and unique approaches for each person.

Dr. Edman has collaborated on a number of research studies dating back to his Master's Thesis at Drexel University that examined zinc status in women with recurrent yeast infections, to his Doctoral research at Boston University that looked at vitamin B12 and folate influences on depression and cognitive dysfunction, to his research on lower carbohydrate diet effects on weight loss and heart disease risk, to a range of current projects. See below a sample of peer-reviewed articles and abstracts that address a number of nutritional and medical issues and a summary of the findings.


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Professional Lectures:

Nutritional and Integrative Medical Approaches to Irritable Bowel Syndrome - presented at the 46th Annual Meeting of the American College of Nutrition, Reno, NV, October 5-8, 2006.

Considerations for the Incorporation of Dietary and Nutritional Supplement Guidelines into an Integrative Medicine Research Model - presented at the 2006 North American Research Conference on Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, May 25-7, 2006.

The Practice of Integrative Nutrition - presented at Integration of Complementary and Alternative Medicine into Clinical Practice: Evidence-Based Medicine Conference, Johns Hopkins University School of Mediciine, Baltimore, MD, June 8-10, 2005.